What is Toejam?

Good question, and we want this website to be part of the answer.   Toejam is the name for the Saturday happening in The Bernard Shaw, Dublin.  Its generally a day off two halves, starting with the creative stuff early and merging later that night with the music.

The day time is generally a proving ground for our ideas.  Be it t-shirt making, a carboot sale in the back yard, improptu jams, zine making, exhibitions and the rest.  The night time is anchored by the best pub DJ for our money ‘Nic James’ with Shortie, Melodee, Genie & A$$quake on regular rotation, pushing hot new sounds and making the floor move.

In the past, Toejam has been a disjointed array of nights and days, events, workshops and  happenings and we want to bring it together better and to make more sense at a glance.


This here blog is meant to be an online channel from our brains and a way for people to check in on us between events.  It will be music we love, either old and brand new, art & design that inspires us and some funnies to keep us ticking along and stop us disappearing up our own hoops.  We’ll also have feature stories and vids that you wont get anywhere else aswell as pictures, videos and content from Toejam events.
Its very early days, and we’ll find our feet as we go but hopefully you like what we do and will come along with us.


By far the biggest Toejam event we do, the Carboot Sale gets a ‘What is…’ of its own.  The Toejam Carboot Sale is a once every so often back yard market in The Bernard Shaw Bar, Dublin.  Choc full of Cars, vans and stalls all peddling different wares from vintage clothes to mountain bikes, studio gear to ear rings and Xboxes to books. We also have food and a full bar. A better way to spend a Saturday we have yet to find!  The Carboot Sale can be applied for online on an event by event basis. Keep and eye out here for applications, then its just a matter of filling out the form, telling us what your selling and more importantly; How you are going to sell it. As we have way more applicants than we have space, that last questions is how we invariably decide who to give the pitches to. We expect everybody to put a bit of effort into what they sell and how they dress it up, what fun they have with their stall/car and so on. A little effort on everybodies part goes a long way towards making a good event great.

Any questions just email john@bodytonicmusic.com

Toejam can be found in person every Saturday
at The Bernard Shaw Dublin

For any info on Toejam, The Bernard Shaw or Bodytonic, email john@bodytonicmusic.com or call +353 (0)85 712 8342.
You can also reserve tables for Toejam’s in The Bernard Shaw by filling out the booking form on www.bodytonicmusic.com/bshaw.


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