Electric Wire Hustle

3 Kiwis from New Zealand knocking out some exceptional future funk.  Unsurprisingly championed by the likes of Benji B, these guys are cut from the same cloth as The Black Seeds but with a bit of Steve Spacek or even a bit of J Dilla on the production thrown in.

Check out the slick vid below for their latest track perception (which samples Inside my Love by Minie Ripperton)

Here’s their MySpace



An exhibition of screen grabs from Google Streetview around the world by Jon Rafman.  The mind boggles at how many miles he traveled sitting at his desk over 12 months looking for this stuff.  Captivating exhibition mind and you can read about it at Artfagcity below.

Via Art Fag City

Taking bookings now

It’s easy to take this for granted or be a bit cynical about it with the pace of technology development these days but it is now possible to book a flight to space.  Just read that again, you can book a flight to space.  Just go to virgingalactic.com and book your seat in the same way that you might book a flight on Ryanair to Bristol.

The people carrying Spaceship 2 is still in testing and the price tag is still expensive at $200,000 but its a few quid shy of the €30,000,000 or so that various tycoons have been paying in the last 10 years to hitch a ride aboard Russian space missions.

Spaceship 2, the world’s first commercial spacecraft, will start flights from the Virgin Spaceport in New Mexico from next year with evil genius and project funder Richard Branson booked on to the first flight with his family.

Incredible stuff.

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The future is here…again

Its not a Notebook, its not a Tablet, it’s a ‘Booklet’ and Microsoft are apparently putting the same effort into it that they put into the Xbox, and that didnt do so bad.

It also exists in the real word, even though the video is obviously an animation of sorts, but various nerd sites tell us it’s nowhere near the production stage.   But, with the competitiveness out there you can safely bet you will be seeing this in the not so distant future.

The workflow on this, if it’s as good as their idealized video here, is pretty amazing, bridging the divide between paper and screen pretty successfully and intuitively.

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Toejam Xmas Carbot Sale – This Saturday

Toejam Xmas Carboot Sale

Saturday 12th December 1pm – 7pm

Free Entry

Roll up roll up, the Toejam Carboot Sale is back again this Saturday.

As usual the yard is full of cars and stalls and we’ve laid on lots of little bits and pieces aswell.

The Bits and pieces you will find out the back of The Bernard Shaw this Saturday in no particular order include…

The Big Blue Bus

Pizza’s from our double decker Pizza Kitchen

Gammy Christmas Jumpers

From the Gammy Xmas jumpers guys
Ice Cream Van Djs

Nic James, Tom Beary & Orlando

Christmas Trees from www.irishxmastrees.com

Handpicked from the Noble Farm in the Wicklow mountains, from 4ft – 12ft. They also have Xmas Tree decoration kits. Touch/smell your tree, buy the tree, drag it home or have it delivered.

Warm Apple Cider

Also from Wicklow

Sweet & Savoury Crepes

From Crepes in the City

Dutch Tubs

Yes, hot tubs out the back.

Bernard Shaw Coffee House coffee

Top coffee from our Kiwi barista Jordan

Mulled Buckfast

Tasty as hell

Hooka Pipes

Arabian pipes on the bus

and thats not even mentioning the 30 odd cars and stalls!

The Toejam Carboot Sale runs from 1pm – 7pm this Saturday (december 12th), with entrance through the pub.

As always the party continues inside into the wee hours with Nic James and Melodee putting down the electro boogie, b-more and bass.

Check out the Event Listing for the full details, check out the Toejam Facebook and Bodytonic Forum buzz and then of course there’s the Toejam Blog which youre on right now

See you Saturday.
The Bernard Shaw

11-12 South Richmond Street


Dublin 2


P: +353857128342
E: john@bodytonicmusic.com

W: www.thebernardshaw.com

Very smart altogether

3D posters – why has it taken so long?

Some more of them at Behance, Via Hundertmark Blog

Not dead baby, just takin’ a break

So, with rumours abound that the Toejam Blogging division had died in a private jet crash, we thought it time to say no, we still here, just otherwise engaged.

We got some bumper Toejam events coming up especially the Xmas Carboot Sale coming up on December 12th which is going to be finger lickin good.  Full confirmed details will be up here in the coming days but for the moment, wrap your eyes around this and how some simple editing can turn this sweet familiar scene on its head…..just listen to the music Marge….