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January Carboot Sale – This Sat (Jan 23rd)

Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!  And were back, the first CBS of 2010 dust’s off this Saturday at 1pm.  Usual drill – food, drink, stuff to buy, stuff to sell, good time, good weather (so they say) and the very real chance that you will impale your foot on a rusty nail in the carpark*

So far, your ears will be looked after by…

Orlando (True Lies)
Nic James (Toejam)
& the ballsiest comedian/pub quiz host we know: Ronan Leonard and his Ringo Music Bingo.

Music in the bar after from Toejam’s Nic James and Melodee

:ets get in the moood with some d.i.s.c.o…

Some more event details can be found on the Bernard Shaw event page and if you havnt already, join the Facebook group here

Starts at 1pm.
Free entry (Through Bernard Shaw)
Market finishes 7pm, after party and bar finishes 1am.
Award winning drinks deals all day too.  See below.

…10 x 10 Drinks Specials…
All the following drinks for €10 7 days a week

3 Pint Pitcher Bavaria
2 x Cocktails ( Mojito / Long Island Iced Tea / Nina Simone )
3 x Corona [ L/neck]
3 x Perroni [ L/neck]
3 x Moosehead [ L/neck]
3 x Beamish [ Pint ]
2 x Vodka + Redbull
3 x Sambucca
3 x Jaegermeister
3 x Goldschlager

The Bernard Shaw
11 – 12 South Richmond Street
Dublin 2
Ph: +353 (0)85 712 8342


January Carboot Sale postponed one week

The Toejam January Carboot Sale has been postponed for one week, from January 16th to the new date of Saturday January 23rd.

This was in response to lots of emails we got about it.  People looking for a bit more breathing space after Christmas and of course people who’d prefer not to stand outside in -7.

So, we postponed it for one week to allow for a bit of a thaw and let people get geared back up after the December Crazee.

If you have already applied for the January 16th Carboot Sale then your grand, your application still stands.  If you havnt applied and would like to, then just go along here and follow the link to the application form.