Taking bookings now

It’s easy to take this for granted or be a bit cynical about it with the pace of technology development these days but it is now possible to book a flight to space.  Just read that again, you can book a flight to space.  Just go to virgingalactic.com and book your seat in the same way that you might book a flight on Ryanair to Bristol.

The people carrying Spaceship 2 is still in testing and the price tag is still expensive at $200,000 but its a few quid shy of the €30,000,000 or so that various tycoons have been paying in the last 10 years to hitch a ride aboard Russian space missions.

Spaceship 2, the world’s first commercial spacecraft, will start flights from the Virgin Spaceport in New Mexico from next year with evil genius and project funder Richard Branson booked on to the first flight with his family.

Incredible stuff.

Via Design Boom


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