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Media whore

Happy Christmas to all Toejammers out there.  Here’s a little gift of a video of GBS launching a new plane back in the 30’s, dropping a few one liners and generally just being a media whore.


The Chinese…a great bunch of lads

Spose this is the official Toejam Christmas bash, a day late but nonetheless, a dame fine party if last year is anything to go by.  Tanked up revellers on the happiest day of the year, full of slow booze and leftover food.  Good times ahoy.

Check out all the details about Father Ted Day at The Bernard Shaw here

Jump jump jump jump

Fight fire with fire and use the internet to top yourself online.  That is, kill all your online Facebook/MySpace/LinkedIn etc profiles and go back to the simple life.

Tempting.  Do it here at the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

Via Swissmiss


Ace realism paintings by Brooklyn artist Kevin Cyr (also responsible for this bicycle/RV mongrel) of battered old mostly American trucks and delivery vans, tags and all.

Here’s more to feast your eyes on:

Yaay for the environment

Chevy unveils their new futuristic Volt car to the world.  A car powered with, wait for it…batteries.

This dance is so entirely irrelevant and almost mocking of the car (imagine you were the crew who worked on this project and this is how your bosses presented it) that you wonder whether they are subtly trying to undermime the car and its sales so they can go ‘told ya so’ and g back to the business of making 10L jet turbine SUV’s for real men (and mom).  Either that or they have stumbled on a viral masterpiece.

The Chevy Volt Dance via Engadget

Electric Wire Hustle

3 Kiwis from New Zealand knocking out some exceptional future funk.  Unsurprisingly championed by the likes of Benji B, these guys are cut from the same cloth as The Black Seeds but with a bit of Steve Spacek or even a bit of J Dilla on the production thrown in.

Check out the slick vid below for their latest track perception (which samples Inside my Love by Minie Ripperton)

Here’s their MySpace


An exhibition of screen grabs from Google Streetview around the world by Jon Rafman.  The mind boggles at how many miles he traveled sitting at his desk over 12 months looking for this stuff.  Captivating exhibition mind and you can read about it at Artfagcity below.

Via Art Fag City