Taylor McFerrin – Live at Toejam


Powerful stuff genetics. Taylor Mc Ferrin, son of the man who gave us ‘Dont worry be Happy’ and ‘Thinkin’ about your body’ plays a live show at Toejam in The Bernard Shaw next Saturday.

We’re going to turn this into an all-dayer aswell, kicking off with a Red Bull Music Academy discussion with Taylor and others around 4:30pm, followed by the Choice Cuts (our co-hosts on this one) lads holding court until Taylor comes on later in the evening with his one man show.

Taylor McFerrin is the son of classical conductor and vocalist Bobby McFerrin. Taylor is a forward thinking human beat-box, capable of reproducing an array of bass, percussion and studio effects with unerring fidelity. Heavily championed by Gilles Peterson and soul/house enthusiasts around the globe, Taylor has released his music labels like Brownswood, Blue Note, Big Dada and the now defunct Rude.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Taylor is an extremely talented artist originally hailing from San Francisco but residing in Brooklyn. Taylor just announced a special free show in The Bernard Shaw on Saturday 21st November which will be announced in full next week.

We will have more details like set times and DJs in coming days, but for the moment click around some of the links in this post, stick it in your diary and tell your friends. And dont forget, its Free.

In the mean time, Here is an exclusive free download, spread the word and see you on Saturday 21st,


Bodytonic Forum buzz on this gig here

Full Event details here


Taylor McFerrin – Broken Vibes by choicecuts




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