The Halloween Carboo’ Sale (see what we did there) is upon us this weekend and a bumper one it is too.  We are well stocked with stalls, boots, food, drink, music and general dis, dat and de udder.  This time however, it’s fancy dress time and we gots the prizes to make it worth while sticking on the ape suit a few hours earlier.  We are adding to it all the time but on the list of prizes so far are…

Green 19 Voucher
Coppinger Row Voucher
Jo’Burger Voucher
Pair of tickets to see Orbital in Tripod
Voucher for Circus Store in Powerscourt
3 T-Shirts from
10 Topshop Goodie Bags
Helmut Newton Playboy Coffee Table Book

….and there’s more on the way.

Here’s some of the other stuff happening, from food to music, in too in no particular order…

Nic James / Chewy / Rosie Assquake / Orlando (True Stories) / Crepes in the City / Bubbleboy / Hugh Cooney & The Hugh Cooney Spook Booth / Bethlehem Falafel / Return of the Living Dead (full screening) / Buckfast Icecream / Bobbing for razor laden apples

A jolly good day or your money back.

Carboot Sale runs 1pm to 6pm with party all night in The Bernard Shaw.  Full event and venue details here


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