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The Halloween Carboo’ Sale (see what we did there) is upon us this weekend and a bumper one it is too.  We are well stocked with stalls, boots, food, drink, music and general dis, dat and de udder.  This time however, it’s fancy dress time and we gots the prizes to make it worth while sticking on the ape suit a few hours earlier.  We are adding to it all the time but on the list of prizes so far are…

Green 19 Voucher
Coppinger Row Voucher
Jo’Burger Voucher
Pair of tickets to see Orbital in Tripod
Voucher for Circus Store in Powerscourt
3 T-Shirts from
10 Topshop Goodie Bags
Helmut Newton Playboy Coffee Table Book

….and there’s more on the way.

Here’s some of the other stuff happening, from food to music, in too in no particular order…

Nic James / Chewy / Rosie Assquake / Orlando (True Stories) / Crepes in the City / Bubbleboy / Hugh Cooney & The Hugh Cooney Spook Booth / Bethlehem Falafel / Return of the Living Dead (full screening) / Buckfast Icecream / Bobbing for razor laden apples

A jolly good day or your money back.

Carboot Sale runs 1pm to 6pm with party all night in The Bernard Shaw.  Full event and venue details here


On what charges?

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New developements in the crazee world of street art. Plenty of potential in this.”Multimedia performers Sweatshoppe have been wheat pasting buildings with moving images all over New York. Mapping video projections to LED-lit paint rollers, Sweatshoppe lay their projections on a surface, paint-stroke by paint stroke. They call new digital performance style “Video Painting”.How it works: The software controlling the video was written in Max. The paint roller does not use any sort of paint, it simply contains green LEDs. The software tracks the color green and outputs the x y position which are sent to drawing commands and the strokes are textured with video.Sweatshoppe is video artists Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw. They plan on eventually releasing the software, but only after it is much more refined, buffed up with features and is user-friendly.”

Via Wooster Collective


This Saturday Toejam resident Nic James is joined on the decks by Dr
Pong resident Skkatter, formerly Dublin’s number one electro nerd, now
Berlin’s number one electro nerd (well, at least in the top ten, there
are more of them there). Skkatter will be bringing his favorite REAL
electro party joints to shaw while Nic will be trying not to embarrass
himself by asking if Justice is electro. Check out Skkatter’s
fantastic new mix here:

Classic jams from the past and the future!

Downlaod the MP3 here

1) Mantronix – Needle To The Groove [Warlock Records]
2) Warp 9 – Beat Wave [Prism Records]
3) Whodini – Haunted House Of Rock [Jive]
4) Gescom – Boogie Down Bronx [Skam]
5) Datashat – Stop The Message [Handsette Recordings]
6) Whodini – Magic’s Wand [Teldec]
7) Paul Hardcastle – You’re The One For Me [Ariola]
8) Egyptian Lover – Freak-A-Holic [Egyptian Empire]
9) Men At Play – Dr. Jam (In The Slam) [Rush Records]
10) Chester Louis III – Ho’Break [Devon Records]
11) Bar-Kays – Sexomatic [Unidisc]
12) J.K. – +10 Funk [Rephlex]
13) Morris Day – The Oak Tree [Warner Bros. Records]
14) Frankie Bones – Automatic Rhythm [The Last Label]
15) Midnight Star – Midas Touch [Solar]
16) Luke Vibert – Countdown [Warp]
17) Her Bad Habit – Jamaica Center [Citinite]

Speaking of McFerrin

We are really excited about this one, in association with our good buds Choice Cuts, Taylor McFerrin plays Toejam on November 21st!

Taylor McFerrin is the son of classical conductor and vocalist Bobby McFerrin. Taylor is a forward thinking human beat-box, capable of reproducing an array of bass, percussion and studio effects with unerring fidelity. Heavily championed by Gilles Peterson and soul/house enthusiasts around the globe, Taylor has released his music labels like Brownswood, Blue Note, Big Dada and the now defunct Rude.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Taylor is an extremely talented artist originally hailing from San Francisco but residing in Brooklyn. Taylor just announced a special free show in The Bernard Shaw on Saturday 21st November which will be announced in full next week.

Here is a free download, spread the word and see you on Saturday 21st, more details on this event next week. Let us know what you think

Check out the previous post on the Toejam Blog to see some Taylor in action.  More to follow

Meet the McFerrin’s

This is Dad…

And this is Junior…

Nice, huh?

Cardboard Twin Lens Reflex Camera

Here’s another one in the OCD series, cardboard artists Kiel Johnson, known for making large replicas of every day items out of cardboard, took it upon himself to make a twin lense reflex camera, entirely out of cardboard, that wait for it…actually worked! No use in the rain mind you.Nice vid.

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Janelle & Kia

Check out this Janelle Monae track. Audio Redbull it is, it’s a bit punk, a bit rock, a bit Motown…like something The Black Eyed Peas or Outkast might have done 5 years ago, as sung by a Little Richard/James Brown drag queen. Cracking song but just as interesting is that it comes courtesy of the Kia Soul Collective. Yes, Kia as in the car manufacturers but they have a interesting take on the purchasing of corporate cool.

The collective consists of film makers, designers, musicians, producers, DJs and entrepreneurs such as MGMT, Santigold, herself above, Jonas & Francois (who make vids for the likes of Justice), Jeffrey Kalmikoff (one of the main guys behind jumbo online t-shirt store and design community Threadless) and a few others.

On one hand they are expanding the pool of glory they can reflect in but with every major brand seemingly chasing the music/festival route it stands out a little as a daycent idea

Download Come Alive (The War of the Roses) by Janelle Monae here

And check out the Kia Collective video on Jeffrey Kalmikoff of Threadless below
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