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Why do I climb the mountain? Because I’m in Love

Ah Willy, you can do no wrong.  And look at those hi-tops.  Just a little Tuesday kicker to revive after the hectic weekend that was The Bernard Shaw 3rd Birthday.  4 days of excruciating fun and thank you to everyone who came down to The Toejam Carboot Sale on Saturday.  Another fine day.  Next one is on October 31st….and this one will be big.  If you hadnt noticed that’s Halloween, the first on falling on a Saturday in a long time, and the brief to self is ‘biggest outdoor fancy dress party in the city’.  Mmm hmm.


Birthday Carboot Sale

Toejam Carboot Sale is back tomorrow at The Bernard Shaw from 1pm to 6pm and the after party afterwards inside.  Entertainment wise we gots Orlando from Ugly Megan, Simon Judge, The Candidates Live and Shortie.  Is all part of The Bernard Shaw 3rd Birthday which you can check out all the details on here

Also, download the Bernard Shaw 4 Day Bday mix here, selected and compiled by the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday residents.  Reggae, Dub, B-more, afro, latin, house, disco, hip hop, funk, crunk…its got it all.  Have a look at the tracklist and download it here

Sweet pics from the last Carboot Sale below from the Sycophantfashion Blog

Toejam August Carboot Sale Snaps

Pics by Katie Artstaaar

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Snap back black cracka jack


They dont make ’em like they used to, eh?…..well, actually, they do. Black Dynamite is a hot off the press shameless Blaxploitation flick that promises to be everything that’s good and bad, and by bad I mean good, from that golden era of the early 70’s when the angry black man was king.

A spoof send up with out obviously being so (think; ‘Im gonna git you sucka’), Seemingly influenced by and borrowing heavily from 1975 film Dolemite (some lines in Black Dynamite are taken verbatim from Dolemite) the producers really paid attention to the details with this one. The cars, the clothes, the girls, the so bad its good acting, the sound track…if you are a fan of this genre then you wont be dissapointed.

Due to be released late October

Here’s Dolemite for a bit of reference

and here’s Black Dynamite’s trailer…

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All in B-Flat

‘In B Flat’ is a grid of 20 user submitted YouTube videos of them playing their respective instruments all in the key of B Flat.  You can play them all at the same time or start/stop them randomly to create lulling soundscapes and make your own Arthouse type etheral film score.  All it needs is a gravel voiced somebody talking some random crap in French over the top.

Its basic but smart use of Youtube technology, click here to try it yourself in its basic form or you could click here and here to try out adaptations of it that include virtual audio mixers so you can mix the sound levels more effectively and I suppose, create your own unique piece that you could record.

Read more about the creator Darran Solomon here and check out his blog here