Nic James speaks


Toejam anchorman Nic James talks about his former glories and gives us one of his well received mixes that was aired on BBC Radio One  a few years back to download for free.

Catch Nic playing with Shortie this Saturday at Toejam in The Bernard Shaw

About 10 years ago me and my mate James aka Jimmy The Fingers made a record called Project Arthur under our Superdense Child guise that lots of people liked. One of those people was BBC Radio One’s Mary Anne Hobbs who made the tune her record of the week and invited us up to the BBC to DJ on her Breezeblock Show. So we headed to London, got a little drunk, and played lots of records on four decks, it’s a little bit of a mess but I still think it’s a fun mix with lots of tracks I’d never play now (but probably should). I’m working on a track list but it’s a bit of a struggle…

Download the Radio One mix here


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