Airbound – The Comedown


Yes, we know it hurts.  This time less than a day and a half ago I had a beer in hand not a laptop but all good things blah blah blah.  Anyway, to sooth the pain of being back in Dublin, fresh from the shores of the Adriatic where Toejam’s Nic James and A$$quake crew stuck it to the crowd, The Bernard Shaw will be dishing out disco methodone this Saturday at Toejam.  We have assembled a few from the lineup: Ugly Meagan Live, Illanja, Nic James, Colin Devine (Mr Jones) to control the music and keep things Adriatic but wait, there’s more…the lads in Heineken have seen fit to roll a couple of free kegs down to us as a welcoming gift so there will be a ton of free pints going.  First ones up to the bar from 8pm will be able to get their hands on a freebie.

So, that will be The Bernard Shaw from 8pm – 1am with free passes to The Twisted Pepper after where this lot are playing til the wee hours.



One response to “Airbound – The Comedown

  1. i miss airbound and my only souvenir is the approximately 4,000,000 mosquito bites covering my body. the bodytonic boat party was the highlight for me so this saturday i’ll be trying to recreate the twin themes of my set that day: pop reggae sunshine-and-sea vibes and drinking my own weight in free beer.

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