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Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc


A very clever video featuring The Scratch Perverts. The video dosnt seem to serve any purpose other than being a ‘Check my Skillz’ show reel but its pretty awesome nonetheless.

Check out the Neurosonics site here and see some production stills and so on

More clever ideas from the internet. Is there anything it cant do.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Scotsman Calvin Harris has come up with the most novel idea we have heard so far this week, to smear and smack ladies without getting a call from the Constable.

Using conductive paint, sensors and black magic, Harris’ team have come up with the novel idea of a Human Synthesizer, or Humanthesizer for short.  Touching hands and legs together closes circuits and  triggers sounds and Clips in Ableton Live with the unfortunate result being Calvin Harris’ latest single.

Great idea though.  Check Harrs playing his dirty synth here

Big City Bright Lights

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Ireland’s second tallest building and Dublin’s tallest gets rigged up with 100,000 LED’s turning it into what is basically and 50 metre low-res telly.

Running from 24th of September to 11th of October as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival, ‘Playhouse’ is part inspired by the 2003 Blinkenlights installation in Berlin but has been worked on by a team based in Trinity College’s Science Gallery who have spent the past few years trying to make it happen and are now seeing their idea come to fruition.

But the best part of the idea is that they have invited the public to design their own animations on the Playhouse Website. You just download a simple programme, work away on it, submit to them and they will endeavour to play it as much as possible.

They have a strict ‘no willys’ policy though. Shame.

More Lego Maddness

Another entry in the Brickfilm category, Swedish animator Tomas Redigh spent 1500 hours building this video for 8-Bit song maker Daniel Larsson.  The result is this mind boggling, 80’s computer game referncing, brick by brick vid.

Via Designboom

Lughnasa Festival / Carboot Sale / WHOPPER Toejam this Weekend


We are having a 2 day micro festival this weekend in The Bernard Shaw.  Bands, DJs, Carboot Sale, Pub Quiz, Film tent, BBQ, Sunday brunch, astro turf…The buzz is good & mighty already and its taking shape to be a Shaw Classic weekend.

Starting on Saturday at 1pm, we have the following…

The Sunday from 1pm will see…

Will have a full running order up in next 24 hours.

This will be free in all weekend so we would love if you could stick the hand in the pocket for some of the raffles and so on that will be held in aid of the very venerable Scoop Foundation

Full Details on the event and venue can be found on the Bodytonic Event Pages

Asbestos and Absolut Art

One of our favourite local artists here in the Bernie Shaw has been asked to do his own take on the iconic Absolut vodka bottle and their Absolut Art series.  Working with printer Bob Eight Pop in London, he produced 200 unique screen prints which you can see in the  ‘How its made’ video above, where Asbestos cunningly hides his face from the law…but which we can exclusively reveal for a $100 one-off payment.

Asbestos is also part of the Small Print gang.  Check out their blog site and their upcoming jumbo week long creative festival Offset which culminates with a 3 day conference taking place in Dublin’s Liberty Hall Theatre from Friday 6th-Sunday 8th November.

Video produced by Pandemic Pictures

Yu Ming is Ainm Dom

Waaay late on this one (has been winning awards since 2003) but defintley worth sticking up here on the Toejam blog.  Yu Ming is a China man who gets disillusioned with life in his China town.  After poking a spinning globe, he makes his mind up that he’s starting a new life in Ireland.  In his research about Ireland he discovers that we have an Irish language and sets about learning it so he can blend right in and hilarity ensues.

A short chuckler and a heart warmer.  Regarde

Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom by Dough Productions