Antics Rogue Show


The second Antics Rogue Show comes to The Bernard Shaw on Saturday 18th August.  The brain child of local Dail climbing art hooligan Will St Leger, the first installment took place as part of last year’s Fringe Festival.  Its a simple idea: You turn up with your old painting/picture etc, hand it in, the artists are called in, they are given a piece at random, they go to work on it live with spray, stencil, marker, blood or whatever their favourite medium is and an hour later you have a one of a kind updated piece of art.  At this point the hand goes out looking for donations and you pay what you think it’s worth with all money going to the artists themselves.

Artists confirmed for the event are Asbestos, Adam Crane, ADW, Shane, Canvaz, Will himself, Morgan and more to be confirmed.

The event starts at 6:30pm and we reccomend you get there by 6pm to submit your picture for vandalism and get your ticket.

Bottles of Peroni will be €3.50 and 2 cocktails for a tenner too.  Toejam’s Nic James on the ones and twos aswell

Will St Leger blog
Will St Leger Facebook fan page
Check out the video from last year’s event (and other venue info etc at the Bodytonic event page here)



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