White Geist


Definitley in our top 5 summer tunes of the moment, Erland Oye’s project The Whitest Boy Alive get their ‘1517’ tune worked over by Metro Area’s Morgan Geist with the end product being one of the best things he has produced in a while.  Staying true to what makes the original such an uplifting tune but plonking it squarley between Metro Area’s NYC and Carl Craig’s recent Detroit stylings.  We likeee.

Play the track here:

Click below to download the track:

Whitest Boy Alive – 1517 (Morgan Geist Remix) (133Kbps)

Before you download anything though, have a look at this happy clappy video of Whitest Boy Alive playing ‘1517’ live in a shop window in Berlin.  Could you imagine this happening in Dublin?! Peacefull people having a little jig…the riot rozzers would be out in force, sans their lapels, battoning these music loving terrorists back into their boxes, with the tabloids screaming ‘Hippy art students on ecstacy sex drugs bring city to standstill, Gardai quell unrest with force’


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